Full-stack software engineer with a long track record of shipping successful products, and with two Computer Science degrees in my back pocket.

My first career incarnation was as a full-stack Java engineer (7 years), my second career incarnation was as Technical Co-Founder and Man of Every Hat (8 years) for a successfully-sold all-in-one web-based solution for running healthcare practices.

In the last year I've transitioned to Ruby on Rails and React. (I had a good run with Java but wanted to learn something new yet elegant!) I'm seeking entry- or mid-level positions in these or similar technologies where your team can leverage my deep background and blazing fast learning curve to contribute to your company's mission in a life-affirming and life-enhancing field such as education, travel, or science.



technologies + tools



Argonaut Software
Technical Founder +
Software Engineer
2007 - 2016
  • Developed first web-based, all-in-one office management software suite for mental health care practices, growing revenue to $4M annually with over 50,000 active customers.
  • Constructed corporate web platform which brought in over 1,300 therapists to earn $52,000,000 in revenue and schedule 800,000+ therapy appointments with 48,000 clients using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Designed templating of online system with HTML5 and CSS3, improving conversions and organic search leads.
  • Architected MySQL database with 100+ tables and improved performance of querying by 52% with indexing.
  • Surpassed gold-standard availability of 99.999% server uptime with RAID disk configuration and redundancy.

Senior Software Engineer
2003 - 2006
  • Led team of 4 software engineers on short-deadline project to construct management capabilities using Java which successfully saved ~520 hours of developer time and ~520 hours of marketing time annually.
  • Engineered admin portal for web platform with custom page tags, content caching and streaming, and server cluster with Java to improve efficiency and profitability of marketing of seasonal products.
  • Created SQL database schema to handle data access, persistence, session and presentation layers.

Senior Software Engineer
2000 - 2003
  • Built multiple Java-based n-tier web applications offering calendaring, contract negotiation, and adaptive supply-chain management solutions.
  • Incorporated Java back-end business objects with front-end static HTML by designing and developing a dynamic Presentation Layer using JSP (JavaServer Pages).


Stanford University
M.S. Computer Science
San Francisco State University
M.A. Geographical Information Systems
Stanford University
B.S. Computer Science

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